Super Console X Stick

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New Arrival! 2GB RAM & 16GB EMMC!

Everything is the same with a Super Console X Pro, but in a TV stick form factor. What's much sweeter of it is, we have upgraded Super Console X Stick to 2GB RAM and 16GB EMMC.Everything is the same, including 50+ pre-installed emulators and up to 50000+ pre-loaded roms. Retro gaming on Super Console X Stick is much smoother by taking advantage of the additional 1GB RAM.

For full game list, please refer to

  •   64G tf card with 30000+ games -
  • 128G tf card with 40000+ games -
  • 258G tf card with 50000+ games -

Android and Emuelect System all in one

Super Console X Stick is a dual system device running Android 7.1.2 and EmuELEC 3.9. Thanks to the additional 1GB RAM, retro gaming is now much smoother. We have also tested that you can perfectly stream 4K YouTube in Android as well as local media files played by KODI or VLC.

Pre-installed 50000+ games and 50+ emulators

Upgradeable to a 64-bit EmuELEC 4.0, please refer to

Advanced Operating System and High-Performance Configuration

Support KODI and Remote Control

Support WIFI Connection

Provide Multiple Languages

Support Multiplayer Games

Support HDMI Output

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What's in the box?

1) Super Console X Stick

2) 2* Wireless Controllers

3) TV Remote

4) 64G / 128G / 256G micro SD Card

5) USB Hub

6) HDMI Extension Cable

7) Power Adapter and Cable (Available in US/EU/AU/UK plugs)